About Us

What makes us unique

Xenturion exclusively offers brokers the service to customise their insurance portfolios according to their and their clients very specific needs.

Xenturion caters exclusively for our brokers’ preferences and bring a unique offering whereby we mould your business around your specific needs. We craft the policies specific to the needs of the broker’s client base. We are open to various propositions because we believe each broker and client base is different.

The Xenturion approach is to listen to our brokers, their wants and needs, and we don’t prescribe. Our market approach is to sit down and discuss extensively what our broker’s want, what the client profile is like, specific challenges or issues that are not supposed to be given a blanket treatment.

Our experienced staff fulfils a support and service role to our select brokers wherein the broker has direct access to a dedicated portfolio manager and a claims technician.

A mutual trust relationship exists with our brokers and their years of experience is recognised through our exclusive broker proposition and a bespoke risk solution management plan.

How we go about this

A select few brokers are offered an outsourcing model wherein they are allowed to issue a policy on our behalf following our approval.

Agreed service levels are pre-determined resulting in a record fast turnaround time in respect of answers. The same applies at the claims stage. Claims decisions are made within the UMA according to our mandate.

This again places our select broker back in control as he has immediate action, and contact with all relevant parties, SAVING YOU MONEY, SAVING YOU TIME, PUTTING YOU FIRST.


Xenturion is backed by highly skilled individuals. Daniel Kruger himself have extensive experience of close to two decades in numerous insurance disciplines. In his life, he has seen time and again how pivotal relationships are to brokers, but also to the insurance industry at large.

Our approach is not new, in fact, it is old in that we apply the “old-school” style relationships and ask our brokers what they need

Therefore Xenturion is the place to come to for a personalised broker solution, where brokers would deal with one contact person who is also the decision-maker.

Leading Change with Exclusive Broker Propositions.