Catering for Our Brokers’ Preferences
Bringing a unique offering whereby we mould your business around your specific needs.
Our Approach Is to Listen to Our Brokers
Our market approach is to sit down and discuss extensively what our brokers want.
Experienced Staff Fulfills Superior Support
Brokers has direct access and in most cases control of most functions.

What we’re all about

Xenturion exclusively offers brokers the service to customise their insurance portfolios according to their and their clients very specific needs, underwritten by Hollard.

How we go about this

A select few brokers are offered an outsource model wherein they are allowed to issue a policy on our behalf following our approval.


Xenturion is backed by highly skilled individuals. Daniel Kruger himself boasts vast experience of close to two decades in numerous insurance disciplines.

Xenturion Assist:

0861 111 555

Leading Change with Exclusive Broker Propositions